My Story

Laura O'Keeffe - Founder & CEO

My programmes are based on Lifeforce Healing which is a tried and tested, step by step, integrated-healing modality that I have created to help people to heal at any point in their lives from any level trauma.

I remember when I was four years old being asked what I would like to be when I grew up, my answer was always the same, a Doctor or a Teacher. I have always wanted to Heal and Teach people. This lead to me into a career of working as a Beauty and Holistic Therapist over the last 13 years in high end Spas on land, six star Cruise Ships, privately owned ship and privately owned Superyachts. I have also been in Management both on land and at sea and I am also a qualified Teacher and Assessor in Beauty, Holistic Therapies and Anatomy and Physiology and I Lectured in award winning colleges in Ireland and the UK.

I have worked as a Spa Consultant on prestigous private islands.

I am lucky enough to have travelled a lot of the world (77 countries and counting) giving me a great metaphorical birds-eye view of the spectrum of emotions that we face as humans, how we are all connected, how we love, how we hurt, and how we heal! I have, quite literally, the world of experience to share with my clients and now I am at the point in my life where I am bringing all of experiences together in Lifeforce Healing.

A while back now I took about four months out of the rat race to basically ‘unfeck’ myself from the stresses of life so that I could completely focus on what I really wanted in life. In one way this is very much like what the whole world is doing right now so I feel my story will resonate with most of you at this present time. I practiced every kind of a self-love that I thought this would boost my mind body and soul. While growing through my own healing and self-development on a daily basis I was simultaneously creating a blueprint for Lifeforce Healing. After about three months I realised that everything that I was planning to be part of my business was basically what I had been doing on myself over those months. And on looking back I realised that I’d got myself from a place of feeling that life had totally messed me and had left me with a lack of motivation to say the least, back to that place of bouncing out of bed in the morning excited for what the day was going to bring! I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t realised earlier that I was living my business plan.

The Lifeforce Healing modality that was born at this point is beautiful because it is desgined to be tailored specifically so that everybody will have their particular needs met.

This is my contribution to helping the world to heal!


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